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HONORE’ CREDIT CONSULTANTS is dedicated to helping you understand and improve your credit so that you can achieve your financial goals with our Credit Repair services and Business Credit and Financing.

“How can credit repair improve my life?”

Credit history and credit scores can affect virtually every aspect of modern life, from your career to your home to your personal relationships. Here are just a few examples of the impact better credit can have on your life:


Buy or Refinance Your Home


Purchase a New Vehicle


Qualify for a Better Job


Reduce Stress in Your Relationship


Accomplish Your Financial Goals


Lower Your Interest Rates


Get Approved for Credit Cards


Save Thousands of Dollars a Year


We go over your credit report with you to find negative items that are inaccurate, help you understand the process of credit repair, and prepare a plan of action with you to improve your credit.


You don’t have to face the credit bureaus alone! We dispute negative, inaccurate info on your credit report to get it corrected or removed. We believe you deserve the highest credit scores possible!

Build & Monitor

Make your debt work in your favor! Using our professional knowledge and experience, we help you manage your current debts responsibly and “crack the code” of building good credit.


Learning the essentials of how credit works is vital to financial independence. We help take the mystery out of credit with our educational materials and professional insight!

A little About Honore

We help business owners get approved for business credit and access funding for their business, If they have good or bad personal credit. Our business funding and credit suite provide clients with an easy step-by- step system to help business owners access funding and build business credit.

Our system is one of the best, step-by- step funding suites in the world today delivering you all you need to insure you can obtain funding and business credit for your business.

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About Honore’ Credit Consultants

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Our Credit Repair Service


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Easy as 1… 2… 3…


Our credit professionals go over your credit report item-by-item and work with you to develop your custom plan for improving your credit.


We dispute incorrect and unverified information on your behalf so that you can achieve the accurate credit scores you deserve.


Lower your current interest rates on your loans and credit cards, and achieve access to better rates on new credit. You could save thousands every year!

Read what others have to say about us

Honore’ Credit Consultants did a great job of meeting us and focusing on our needs. They were incredibly personable and really took an interest in our needs. This was a one of a kind experience that I was not expecting from a credit repair company. Thank you guys for all you have done! Bridget Ford

New Orleans, LA

This is my first time ever dealing with a credit repair company . They are so professional. I was educated every step on the way . I love this company . Anna Garcia

New Orleans, LA

I started at 587, and 3 months later I was at 690. I am about to close on my first home . Do I need to say anything else. ? I would recommend they to everybody .
Taylore Harper

New Orleans, LA

Melika and her team took very good care of us. They were super kind and attentive to our needs. We would highly recommend anyone looking for help with their credit! Sharon Marie Hall

Baton Rouge, LA

WOW – just WOW, you guys knocked it out of the park. I never expected to have good credit but you really helped me out and made a huge difference with my family! I appreciate all that you guys have done for us! Anne Deedy

New Orleans, LA

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