Are You Going to be a Statistic?

Nearly half of all new businesses close within their first two years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The number one complaint among business owners across the country attempting to start or grow their business, is access to capital. We can help! No personal credit checks and personal guarantees needed. This is our money-back guarantee: Your business will be approved for $50,000 or more in unsecured business credit within 12 months.

Small businesses are often referred to as “the backbone of the American economy”. It’s true! In order to generate new jobs and commerce, you need the capital to procure your supplies, hire and pay new workers, and grow. We can help you get it!

“One of the biggest issues faced by small businesses is the inability to access sufficient credit and capital.”

– Small Business Committee, U.S. House of Representatives

The Business Credit Suite

The Business Finance Suite is a one-stop solution for securing the capital you need without any personal credit check or personal guarantee. Moreover, the Business Finance Suite helps you build your business profile, including your business credit score. These are essential to your continued growth and path to success.

The Business Finance Suite also provides a program for building business credit, a step-by-step guide for a business credit system and business-credit building process. With our Business Finance Suite, you’ll also have the assistance of certified business-credit coaches. Furthermore, we’ll help you secure a DUNS number (a $700 value) and retrieve your Experian Smart Business credit report for free. With the Business Finance Suite, you’ll be able to monitor your business credit reports in real-time.

Business Funding Program

Building your business-credit profile takes strategy and know-how. The vendors in our network report to the business-credit reporting bureaus. With our professional coaching and your responsible management of your established business-credit profile, it will be possible to leverage it in order to qualify for even more funding and business credit in the future. Put multiple lines of business credit to work for you and help your business thrive.

Here are just some of the products

and services included in our comprehensive Business Credit and Funding Program:

More than 2,100 Sources of Financing

Financing for Property Rehabilitation

Free DUNS Number (worth $700)

Financing for your Equipment and Inventory

Real-Time Business-Credit Monitoring and Building

Merchant Funding and Revenue-Based Financing

Store Credit Cards
for Businesses

Small Business Administration Loans and Credit Lines

Financing for Orders and Accounts Receivable

More than 30 Products for Core Funding

Business Credit Cards (in Your Business’ Name)

Free Smart Business Credit Report from Experian

Let’s Get Your Business Funded!

Building and improving your business credit can give you the tools you need to grow your business. Let’s talk – the Consultation is FREE!

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